What is new in Unifi Protect 4.0?

Image of Unifi Protect's web dashboard.

Unifi Protect is one of our favorite small business camera systems and we are excited to share the latest developments in the Unifi Protect ecosystem. The release of Unifi Protect 4.0 marks a significant leap forward in surveillance technology, offering new features and improvements designed to enhance performance, scalability, and user experience.

Revolutionary NVR Core Engine

At the heart of Unifi Protect 4.0 is the re-architected NVR Core Engine, a major breakthrough that dramatically boosts performance. This upgrade ensures a significantly faster user experience and increases camera capacity by up to 20% across all UniFi Consoles. Whether you're managing a small business or a large enterprise, this enhanced capacity means more comprehensive coverage and better performance without compromising speed or reliability.

Enhanced Scalability

Unifi Protect 4.0 introduces several features that enhance scalability and flexibility, making it easier to customize and expand your surveillance system:

  • Enhanced Encoding: Now available on G4, G5, and AI cameras, this feature improves live streaming and recording retention efficiency. Enhanced Encoding is currently a Labs feature and requires Unifi Protect v2.1+ for Android or iOS.
  • Recording Resolution Downscaling: You can now downscale the recording resolution per camera to 2K or HD, freeing up NVR camera and storage capacity. This feature is particularly beneficial for optimizing storage and performance across larger deployments.

Redesigned Dashboard and Video Archiving

The new dashboard design brings all camera live streams into one cohesive interface, allowing for one-click access to a camera’s timeline on the Playback page. Additionally, the streamlined bulk video export feature enables easy exporting of multiple camera feeds to your local device, Google Drive, or OneDrive, ensuring that your important footage is always accessible and securely backed up.

Advanced Recording Manager

Managing camera recording settings has never been easier. With the updated Recording Manager, you can configure settings at scale, making it simple to adjust recording modes, specify events to record, and modify overlay settings across multiple cameras simultaneously. This feature significantly reduces the time and effort required to manage large security systems.

InnerSpace Integration

Visualizing your surveillance coverage is now more intuitive with InnerSpace Integration. By adding your cameras to your InnerSpace floorplan, you can see the placement and coverage areas of your Unifi Protect cameras, ensuring optimal positioning and maximizing security.

Intuitive Camera Shortcuts

Navigating between different camera views is more intuitive with the new camera shortcuts. Within the pop-up live view or Playback view, you can easily switch between cameras, allowing you to follow subjects across multiple feeds seamlessly—even during investigations.

Area of Interest Filtering

The improved AI detection and classification interface on the Detections page now includes Area of Interest Filtering. This feature allows you to focus on events occurring within a specific area of the camera’s field of view, enhancing the precision and relevance of your alerts.

Vehicle of Interest Recognition

The new Vehicle of Interest feature allows for the detection and tagging of license plates within the Recognition page. You can label and describe vehicles, and receive push notifications when a tagged Vehicle of Interest is detected, enhancing your ability to monitor and respond to specific security threats.

G4-PTZ Patrol Mode

The G4-PTZ camera now includes a Patrol Mode, perfect for monitoring large open spaces. This mode automates patrols between your configured preset views at regular intervals, ensuring comprehensive coverage and improved security monitoring.

Why Choose Unifi Protect 4.0?

Unifi Protect 4.0 is a game-changer in the realm of surveillance technology. Here’s why upgrading to this latest version is a smart investment:

  • Superior Performance: The re-architected NVR Core Engine ensures a faster and more reliable user experience, with increased camera capacity.
  • Scalability: Enhanced encoding and resolution downscaling provide flexibility to optimize storage and camera capacity, making it suitable for any size deployment.
  • User-Friendly: The redesigned dashboard, advanced recording manager, and intuitive camera shortcuts streamline system management and monitoring.
  • Enhanced Security Features: New features like Area of Interest Filtering and Vehicle of Interest recognition enhance the precision and effectiveness of your surveillance system.

In conclusion, Unifi Protect 4.0 offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to elevate your security infrastructure. As an integrator, we highly recommend this update to ensure you are leveraging the latest in surveillance technology to protect your assets and maintain peace of mind. For more information or to discuss how Unifi Protect 4.0 can benefit your specific needs, please contact us. Together, we can build a safer and more secure environment with the power of Unifi Protect 4.0.

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