Access Control

Access Control

Service Details

  • Secure building access
  • Card badges, fobs, & biometrics
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Identity Management
  • Lockdown and mustering
  • Alarm system integrations
  • FIPS 201 compliance
Access Control

Our access control services represent the cornerstone of a secure and efficient facility management strategy. By deploying the latest technology in access control, we enable you to secure your buildings or specific areas swiftly and effectively, serving as the primary barrier against unauthorized access. However, our approach to access control extends beyond mere security measures; it's about enhancing operational efficiency and significantly reducing the costs associated with traditional facility management.

Gone are the days of cumbersome key management systems. With our advanced access control solutions, the hassle of managing a large number of keys, the worry over lost keys, or the risk of keys falling into the wrong hands becomes a thing of the past. Our systems allow for the effortless addition or removal of access permissions with just the push of a button, streamlining your security protocols and ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive areas. Furthermore, our systems provide detailed reports in real-time, offering insights into who has access to your facility or who is currently inside, enhancing the oversight and management of your premises.

Our services also integrate seamlessly with ID cards and fobs, which serve multiple purposes beyond just opening doors. These devices can be used for clocking in and out, accessing computers, or utilizing specific services, thereby securing every facet of your business operations. This multi-functionality not only tightens security across your premises but also simplifies the user experience for your employees, promoting a secure, efficient, and cohesive work environment.

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